Management Team

Linked In  Twitter Rosario 

Rosario Ballesteros-Casas / Co-Founder & CEO 

Colombian born entrepreneur with a successful track record of originating, structuring and executing startup transactions in data and technology driven platforms.

Rosario Ballesteros

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Martina Casas / Co-Founder & CPO 

A New York Film Director and Producer with a unique artistic vision  always looking for new ways to tell stories.

Tom Herman

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Lucas Kappaz / Co-Founder & CRO

 Hollywood's new and traditional media strategist, passionate about storytelling and news formats that benefit and change society.

Lucas Kappaz

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Daniel Cuartas / Technology Advisor

Passionate about learning and creating. A strong believer in open-knowledge philosophy and collective creation. Engineer, illusionist, musician and martial artist. MIT Technology Review Innovators under 35 and innovator of the year.

Daniel Cuartas


Kiko Suarez / PhD & Senior Advisor R&D, Workforce Development and Education

Passionate about education currently he serves on several company and nonprofit boards and advises senior leadership teams in the innovation and talent sectors globally.

Kiko Suarez

 Linked In Juan Manuel  Twitter Juan Manuekl

Juan Manuel Escobar / Director de Operaciones en Colombia

Producer, Director and Editor always interested in new formats and narrative experiences. 

Daniel Cuartas

 Linked In Catalina Twitter Catalina

Catalina Valenzuela / Senior Advisor, Education Projects 

Believes that everyone deserves an education. Connector. Blogger. EdTech expert. Blended learning specialist. Women's advocate. Content geek. 

Catalina Valenzuela

Linked In Tomas 

 Tomas Huertas / Business Development

Administrator and marketing expert eager to innovate and exploit new technologies to redefine industry standards in the sales, marketing, communication and training fields.

Tomas Huertas

Advisory Board

Linked In Lisa Bembenick  

 Lisa Bembenick / Strategy Executive

Strategy executive with 20 years of experience working with leaders across government agencies, healthcare businesses, and non-governmental organizations.  

Daniel Cuartas

   Linked In Moran Cerf  Twitter Moran Cerf

Moran Cerf / Brain hacker, PhD Neuroscience

Moran Cerf studies the underlying mechanisms of our psychology by eavesdropping on the activity of our brain from the inside out. Moran is a renowned TED speaker.

Moran Cerf

Linked In Carlos Dao  Twitter Carlos Dao

Carlos Dao / Entertainment Businessman

Venezuelan businessman with a strong commercial vision, and experience in the American and Latin American media and entertainment  hardware market. He is based in Miami, where he manages his business operations 

Moran Cerf

 Linked In Alfonso Diaz GTZ de Piñeres  

Alfonso Diaz Gtz. de Piñeres / Strategy and Defense Executive

Colombian Navy Admiral (ret),  with great skills and abilities in innovation, competitiveness , fulfillment of results, founding interpersonal relationships, comunication, and teamwork

Moran Cerf

 Linked In Arturo Duran Arturo Duran 

Arturo Durán / Multicultural Markets Guru

Having lived in Mexico, Canada, China, Spain, France and the United States, Arturo is not only worldly — he’s also seriously experienced. Speaks fluently Spanish, English and French. Multicultural and Hispanic markets guru. 

Moran Cerf

 Linked In Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos Twitter TNohora Elizabeth hoyos

Nohora Elizabeth Hoyos / Spreading Science

Former director of Maloka Museum in Bogota- Colombia, an interactive Science and Technology museum promoting education and research

Moran Cerf

  Linked In tom Herman  Twitter Tom herman

Tom Herman / Senior Advisor & Board Member

Founder and early employee at govWorks, JumpTV, & ooVoo. Co-Founder and Former CEO at Dashbid Media.

Tom Herman

 Linked In David Lobser  Twitter David Lobser

 David Lobser / Artist, Animator and Code Techie

David Lobser is an internationally recognized, award winning animation director and is presently  the senior artist in residence at NYU's Media Research Lab. 

Moran Cerf

 Linked In Errol Rappaport  Twitter Errol Rappaport 

Errol D. Rappaport / American Rainmaker

American born Rainmaker and Facilitator with a successful track record of bringing visibility to many charities, nonprofits  and foundations. My dad taught me “Goods  begets Goodness & Evil begets Evil” Lee Strasberg taught me that life is about having “A Dream of Passion”, Iris Apfel taught me “Less is more & more is more”

Moran Cerf

 Linked In Alberto Yohai  Twitter Alberto Yohai

Alberto Samuel Yohai / Technology Expert

President of Colombian Chamber of information Technology and Telecommunications 

Moran Cerf

  Linked In Nancy Zayed  Twitter Nancy Zayed

Nancy Zayed / Digital Transaction Security Expert

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of MagicCube, a digital transaction security start-up  located in Silicon Valley.

Moran Cerf